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Laser Cutting

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At maker Space we have a Greyfin A2 60W laser cutter which we bought from http://www.justaddsharks.co.uk/.  The machine was paid for by pledges by a number our members.


The full spec can be found here:  http://www.justaddsharks.co.uk/cutter/greyfin http://norwichhackspace.org/equipment/greyfin-a2-laser-cutter



Using the Laser Cutter


If you want to use the laser cutter then you must be a member and receive training.  Check out the Laser Cutter Training page for our training policy.


The lists of users, trainers and maintainers can be found on the Laser Cutter Users Page.





The cost of using the laser is currently £6.00 per hour.  This is based on job times as opposed to time spent setting up your jobs so works out pretty cheap.


Payments should be made in advance by bank transfer to the Maker Space account.  Please make sure you include LASER and your name in the payment reference.





The size of the bed is 600mm x 400mm so approximately A2.


Our policy on providing materials for laser cutting is the same as most other materials in the space.  You must provide your own materials although we often have lots of scrap material which are free to use for smaller jobs.  Most people tend to buy the materials they need for their project then leave the off-cuts for other people to use.


The list of materials you can cut can be found on the Laser Cutter Materials page.


If you're having trouble finding material, check out the Laser Cutter Materials suppliers.





The laser settings vary depending on material, thickness and type of job.  Check out the Laser Cutter Settings page for more information.

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