Laser Cutter Users

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If you are interested in training the best thing to do is email the fully trained operators (or maintainers for maintainer training) letting them know when you are available.


Note that the following restrictions apply to training:

  • Training is only available to members
  • Training is not available during public/open hours
  •  Maintainer training is only available to fully trained operators 


The laser SHOULD NOT be used by anyone not on the operators list, panels which require a key to remove should not be removed by anyone not on the maintainers list.

NEVER remove a panel locked with a key with power applied to the machine unless you are sure you know what you are doing.

After training it is required for your first 5-10 jobs to be overseen by another operator before you can use the machine unattended.


Received training (must have another operator present when using machine):

  • Jannetta Steyn
  • Art Speck 
  • John McKenna
  • Paul Counter
  • Richard Watson
  • Roly Punshon 
  • Peter Todd
  • Will McElderry
  • Dan Gough
  • Dane Hirst
  • Jon Powell
  • Helen McClafferty
  • Emma Hedley
  • Aidan Cowan
  • Stuart Wheater
  • Paul Lovejoy
  • Martin Miller
  • Giles Mortimer 
  • Danny Walker


Fully trained operators (may use machine unattended, can supervise new operators):

  • Dan Nixon
  • David Pye 
  • Iain Yarnall
  • Glen Beestone
  • Alistair MacDonald
  • Tommy Cheung
  • Dan McCadden
  • Ben Shaw
  • Chris Howell
  • Jon Davies
  • Ed Bisdee
  • Dan Gibson
  • Brian Degger
  • Chris Dick 
  • Sophie Mason
  • Stephen Quinn 
  • Paul Ellis
  • Tony Dixon
  • Justas Butkus
  • David Simpson
  • Heather Moore
  • Sam Barlow
  • Michael Waites
  • Nick Rutter 
  • Cay Green 
  • Maria Abbott
  • Paul Hurley
  • Josh Duffy
  • Chris Potts
  • Amy Potts
  • Michael Rouse 


Trainers (can give training):

  • Dan Nixon
  • David Pye 
  • Iain Yarnall
  • Jon Davies
  • Ben Shaw
  • Sam Barlow



  • Dan Nixon
  • David Pye
  • Jon Davies
  • Iain Yarnall
  • Cay Green (table and Z axis only)


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