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Configuring Skeinforge 50 (maybe 40 or higher)

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Saved by Will McElderry
on August 26, 2012 at 11:10:43 am

First notes quickly scrawled. A lot more to add...


I've created this page to bring together my limited understanding of Skeinforge from various sources.  It'll start as random snippets but hopefully grow into a useful repository.  There are various snippets out there and discovering them when needed is a challenge, particularly with the correct version of skeinforge.


Warning: Skeinforge 50 (40+?)

This is being written basedo n version 50, and apparently the settings were significantly changed in version 40, so if you're using pre-40 your settings may mean different things to those described here!


Carve: Layer Height

Originally I believed this was a number one chose, however there seem to be a few limitations.  It seems that (Carve:Layer Height * Carve:Edge Width over Height) should not be wider than the nozzle diameter.

Carve: Edge Width over Height

This should be measured from the extrusion you get using calipers - however you should be careful as it's inter-related to various settings - including layer height and nozzle diameter.

Inset: Infill Width over Thickness

Very much like the Carve:Edge Width/Thickness, controls how many 'zig-zags' of infill there are to fill an area - if your infill is too thick or thin this is the number to tweak (if your sure you've correctly callibrated your extrusion steps per mm in fimrware).  You should also be sure that (Carve:Layer thickness) matches the (nozzle diameter)/(Carve:Edge Width over Height).



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