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Join Us

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If you’d would like to become a member, contact us at http://www.makerspace.org.uk/contact/ or pop along and meet us in person on a Wednesday night Open Session or drop into our discussion group.

Our Maker Space is paid for entirely from membership fees and donations. We require our members to function and expand. As a not for profit organisation whatever money we make is used entirely for the benefit of the Maker Space to pay it basic monthly costs and invest in tools and consumables for the members of the Maker Space.

Currently membership costs a mimimum of £10/month and is paid by Standing Order (see Bank details on main web page) on a rolling month by month basis. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Advantages of Membership:

  •     Access to the Maker Space workshop
  •     Use of the Maker Space tools & equipment 
  •     WiFi access
  •     Use of shared components, consumables and donated items
  •     Discounts on Events & Workshops
  •     10% off at www.proto-pic.co.uk 
  •     A vote on purchases of new equipment
  •     A vote at our AGM (Annual General Meeting)
  •     Opportunity to be be elected to our our executive committee and Board of Trustees

If you're still not sure you want to become a member then you still welcome to join us at our Open Sessions.


Our Banks Details will be sent to you upon request.



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